New York Construction Site Accidents

Finding help after an injury | LifeAfter

Who can your turn to when you need help after being injured? Life After Injury is a network for anyone who has suffered an injury, has had a loved one suffer an injury, or has dedicated their career to helping victims of injuries. It is a network where those who lives have been affected by an […]

Denver Car Accident Attorney Discusses Picking An Insurance Policy

How Do I Choose An Insurance Policy? Deciding on an insurance policy can be overwhelming, with all the different companies and coverage options to choose from. How can you be sure that you have chosen the right policy for your needs? An experienced attorney can help answer your questions. Find A Personal Injury Attorney In […]

Denver Car Accident Attorney Talks About The Importance Of Seat Belts In Accidents

If I Did Not Wear A Seat Belt, Do I Still Have A Case? Not wearing a seat belt can not only increase your chances of being severely injured in an accident — it can also affect the outcome of your accident case. If you have been in an accident, and did not wear a […]

Denver Car Accident Attorney — What To Do After An Accident?

What To Do After An Accident? The aftermath of an accident can be traumatic. You might be wondering who to call, what to do, and what to say — and what not to say or do. Calling an experienced attorney should be one of your first steps! Find A Personal Injury Attorney In Colorado If […]

Denver Car Accident Attorney Talks Insurance Policies — How To Choose The Right One?

Deciding On The Right Insurance Policy If you are trying to decide on the best insurance policy to fit your needs, you might be confused and overwhelmed by all the options presented to you. How much insurance do you need? Can you have “too much” insurance? What incidents should a good insurance policy cover you […]

Construction Worker Rights | Union Vs. Non-Union | NYC Construction Site Accident Attorney

Do Construction Workers Not In Unions Have The Same Rights? In New York, construction laws exist to protect the workers. Whether it is a two-story building or a skyscraper, anyone who is working in construction enjoys the same rights. This is regardless of whether they belong to the union or not. As A Worker, You […]

Construction Site Accidents Increase In New York | NYC Construction Site Accident Attorney

Construction Site Accidents Increase Working at a construction site can be a stressful, dangerous job. Accidents are very common — falling debris accidents and accidents with ladders are a reality when working in construction. Defending Your Rights After An Accident If you have been injured in an accident at a construction site, you need an […]

Illegal Aliens And Construction Work Accident | Construction Site Accident Attorney

I’m An Illegal Alien, Can I Still Get Compensation For My Work Injuries? Coming to America to find a better life, and achieve the American dream, is not always easy. Illegal aliens oftentimes resort to dangerous jobs such as working at construction sites, all in the name of providing a better future for their families. […]

Falling Debris Accidents In NYC | New York Construction Accident Attorneys

Injured By Falling Debris In New York? Working at a construction site can be a very dangerous job. Falling debris accidents are one of the most common types of injuries construction workers suffer. These accidents can cause life-changing, devastating damage. And, what is worse, it is oftentimes not the fault of the worker — many […]

If A New York Construction Worker Has Been Electrocuted On Site Should They Call A Personal Injury Attorney? | NYC Construction Accident Lawyers

“If you have been electrocuted at a construction site, it’s very important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. There are laws and rules in effect regarding live wires at construction sites, and obviously they shouldn’t be located within range of where people are working. So, if you have been injured in a […]