Workers compensation is a mandatory benefit that provides financial resources to employees who are injured in a work-related accident.  Due to changes in New York’s workers compensation law, it’s now very important to obtain legal counsel before filing a worker’s comp claim.  A construction accident attorney in New York can help you.

If you are injured on the construction site, New York law prevents construction workers from suing their employers – even if the accident was caused by employer negligence.  If you are injured in a construction accident, you are likely to receive workers compensation benefits.  Though this is practice common, there are cases in which you can sue for damages.  These include:

  • Injuries caused by a defective product
  • Injuries caused by a toxic substance
  • Injuries caused by intentional or bad conduct of employer
  • If employer does not carry workers comp insurance
  • If a third party caused your injury.

In all but one of these accidents, a third party caused the accidents.  Though you cannot sue your employer, you can however sue a third party involved in your construction accident.