Our NYC Construction Accident Attorneys at The Orlow Firm are well versed in matters concerning construction accidents which include supervisor negligence, elevator accidents, as well as forklift accidents.

“If you are injured at a construction site, you are entitled to collect
Workers’ Comp, because anyone who’s injured on the job is entitled to
collect Workers’ Compensation benefits. But you also may be entitled to have
what we call a third party action, meaning a lawsuit against some other
entity, other than your employer, who may be responsible for what happened
to you.

I often get calls from people who are injured at construction sites, and
they don’t even realize that there may be other entities that could be
responsible for what happened to them, other than their employers. Most
often those other entities will be the owner or will be the general
contractor, and very often also it can be another sub-contractor, other
than the subcontractor that the client was employed by, who may also be
responsible for what happened, depending on the facts and the circumstances
of the event.

So, the answer is absolutely yes. You can have multiple means of recovery
going on at once. You can have Workers’ Compensation, and at the same time
you can have a third party action against another responsible entity or