What Do You Do If You Are Injured in a Construction Site Accident in New York?

What Do You Do If You Are Injured in a Construction Site Accident in New York?

Construction sites that follow OSHA guidelines and safety regulations try to prevent any accidents to the site and its workers.  But what do you if you are unexpectedly injured on a construction work site??

The Injury Report

First, inform the site supervisor of the injury and the status of the injured.  The supervisor is required to file a report about the accident.  If the injury is severe, medical attention will be immediately sought first.  The report will include the causes, factors, and conditions of when the accident occured.  Try to report every detail to your supervisor.  The report will probably come up during your claim.

Medical Examination and Treatment

If discharged from the hospital, keep all records of evaluations and examinations that the hospital performed. Then, seek the medical attention from your private or family doctor and be forthcoming about any injury or pain that you feel.  During these trying times, it is also important that you keep thorough records of all days off.

Contact an Experienced Lawyer

The Construction Accident Attorneys at The Orlow firm have been defending Construction Accident victims in New York  since 1981. With extensive experience on various practice areas, including truck and bus accidents, we are the best choice to handle your case. We have received millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. We know how to protect your rights and ensure that you and your family are fairly compensated.

If you have been injured in a construction accident, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your rights to compensation.

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Illegal Aliens And Construction Work Accident

I’m An Illegal Alien, Can I Still Get Compensation For My Work Injuries?

Coming to America to find a better life, and achieve the American dream, is not always easy. Illegal aliens oftentimes resort to dangerous jobs such as working at construction sites, all in the name of providing a better future for their families.

The problem arises, however, when their immigration status makes them scared to seek legal advice. But when an illegal alien is injured while working at a construction site, they should still seek legal help — their immigration status does not diminish their right to compensation.

Defending Your Rights After An Accident

The NYC construction accident attorneys at The Orlow Firm are knowledgeable, dedicated, and ready to take on your case. Call (646) 647-3398 to speak with a lawyer.

“Someone who is a construction worker should know that they have rights as a construction worker whether they are union or whether they are not union and also whether they are here legally or not here legally. They have the same rights. I often get people who call who are afraid to go forward with an action because they are not here legally and they need to know, they need to be assured from the get go that bringing a lawsuit because they have been hurt on a construction site will not affect their legal status, will not affect their residency status, they don’t have to worry about being deported because they are bringing a lawsuit, which sometimes by the way I’ve seen them be intimidated by their employers to not bring a lawsuit because of that. They should not be intimidated. They should know that this happens a lot where people who are not here legally are working at a construction site and they are seriously injured and they bring lawsuits.

I have done it many times for clients who are not here legally and I have had many successful outcomes for those clients and not only can they recover for their pain and suffering but they are entitled under most circumstances to recover their lost earnings as well. So anybody who is a construction worker or who is hurt at a construction site should not hesitate and should call right away.”


Can A New York Construction Worker Collect More Than Workers’ Compensation?

Our NYC Construction Accident Attorneys at The Orlow Firm are well versed in matters concerning construction accidents which include supervisor negligence, elevator accidents, as well as forklift accidents.

“If you are injured at a construction site, you are entitled to collect
Workers’ Comp, because anyone who’s injured on the job is entitled to
collect Workers’ Compensation benefits. But you also may be entitled to have
what we call a third party action, meaning a lawsuit against some other
entity, other than your employer, who may be responsible for what happened
to you.

I often get calls from people who are injured at construction sites, and
they don’t even realize that there may be other entities that could be
responsible for what happened to them, other than their employers. Most
often those other entities will be the owner or will be the general
contractor, and very often also it can be another sub-contractor, other
than the subcontractor that the client was employed by, who may also be
responsible for what happened, depending on the facts and the circumstances
of the event.

So, the answer is absolutely yes. You can have multiple means of recovery
going on at once. You can have Workers’ Compensation, and at the same time
you can have a third party action against another responsible entity or